Banerjee Bonhomme - Blue French Bulldog

A Not So Brief History of Blues in North America

Thanks to the ever wonderfully informative Carol Hawke (of "Sonlit"…
September 16, 2016/by Carol
Felix Yusupov and French Bulldog in Paris, 1929

Part Two – The Man Who Killed Rasputin

Continued from part one The Death of the Mad Monk Felix…
December 14, 2015/by frogdogz
Portrait by Serov of Prince Yusupov with Gugusse,

Part 1 – Felix Yusupov, The Man Who Killed Rasputin

In the course of my research into the story of Ortino and Tatiana,…
November 4, 2015/by frogdogz
Ema the Pumpkin Spice Princess

It’s Pumpkin Season For Pets!

We might all get tired of Pumpkin Spice everything, but the common…
September 28, 2015/by Carol
Dogs love frozen ice cream treats!

Frozen Kefir Pops – Healthy Summertime Treat for Dogs!

Frozen Kefir pops for dogs make a great summertime treat!…
July 13, 2015/by Carol
weight-pull french bulldog video

Weight Pull and French Bulldogs – Fun or Cruelty?

Note: I'm having a hard time embedding this video on my post.…
April 24, 2015/by Carol
Roxy and her French Bulldog puppy

Roxy and Gunner’s Puppies

Roxy and Gunner's puppies are such interesting example of the…
February 28, 2015/by Carol
Is rice bran a risk to pet health?

Mycotoxins and Pet Food – Avoid Plant Protein Heavy Kibble

In case you're not yet scared enough of pet food, here's a fun…
January 6, 2015/by frogdogz
French Bulldog puppies eating raw dog food

Is Your Dog or Cat’s Dry Pet Food Safe?

For as many years as I have been feeding raw, vets have been…
January 5, 2015/by frogdogz
The Mitford Sisters with their French Bulldog

The Mitford Sisters – Britain’s Most Stylishly Controversial Frenchie Fanciers

What do French Bulldogs, fascism and Downton Abbey have in common?…
September 27, 2014/by frogdogz
Flying Frenchie Friday

Whee! It’s Flying Frenchie Friday!

Marcella Casebolt and a few other friends sent me the link to…
August 22, 2014/by frogdogz
Phantom Puppy scam

Avoiding Common Pet and Puppy Scams

I was recently emailed by someone in Brazil, asking me if the…
May 27, 2014/by frogdogz